How to take a good photo for your id?

Please don’t overlook this part because a low-quality photo will result in a low-quality ID.

We can’t be held liable because you submitted a low quality pic.
1. Solid color background, wall or curtain is irrelevant. Just solid color and flat.
2. Wear clothes that aren’t the same color as the background. You want to see a color contrast.
3. Make sure your hair is together. Loose hair can create a major problem. Ladies keep it together so that there’s no spots where you see the background between your hair. Use gel if you need to keep the hair down.
4. Make sure the lighting is good or use flash.
5. Take picture with space above the head and bring the pic down as much as to your chest and we will crop. We need your whole head, all hairs, and little chest.
6. Use a digital camera or an updated phone. Older phones have lower quality capabilities, and try not to use your front facing camera, it’s not as good as the back. Let someone take the picture for you. Stand straight with your head forward and look towards the camera! Do not wear glasses – your photo needs to look exactly like a real DMV photo.


How to create a good signature?

Sign on a white paper then use your digital camera to take a picture and upload. If your cell phone’s camera is good enough, please use it.


Do the IDs scan? 

Yes! Our system is automated so whatever you enter will be inputted on the ID of your choice.


Do the IDs have holograms?

Yes, all IDs have all of the security features to include ultraviolet ink, perforations, raised text, and holograms.


Can the IDs pass the bend test? 

Yes! If the ID is made on Teslin material it will pass the bend test. Otherwise even real PVC IDs have the chance of creasing when bent.


How can I pay you? What payments do you accept? 

We accept bitcoin, you can find a step by step guide on How to Pay.


I made a mistake, can I fix it? 

Once you submit your order our automation system takes over and it will be created as is. We highly encourage you to review your order multiple times before submitting.


How long will my order take? 

Roughly two weeks from being created they will be in your hands.


How do you ship the IDs? 

Since the customs is very strict recently and shipping through DHL got seized frequently, We’ll pick the shipping company 4PX(USPS) instead to reduce the risk, but it usually takes 17 days or so for delivery. Hope for your understanding, thanks.
You can visit the website for more tracking details: http://www.17track.net/

Carrier: 4PX

and on the website’billing address is the shipping address.


If I submitted wrong signature?

We’ll default to our own signature for you. If you provided a not so good one, we’ll supply our own as well.